Suzanne Sahar Arbab is an international architect and interior designer. Architect Suzanne S. Arbab completed her Bachelor and Masters from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) where she was acting as a guest critique for master student’s design studios at 2014.


Throughout her studies, Suzanne trained and studied with many high profile architects, including Dame Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Paul Minifie and Prof. Tom Kovac. Exchanged to the school of Arts in Vienna in 2013 to complete the studio of Greg Lynn, Zaha Hadid, Patrick Schumacher. Suzanne previously was exchanged to the school of Technology in New York in 2010 and completed her major project studio at her master's with Australian Architect, Paul Minifie. Suzanne undertook the studio of Prof. Tom Kovac ( The associate professor in RMIT and visiting Professor at Southern California Institute of Technology) and Architect Jean Nouvel in her masters.  


The Australian Architect Suzanne S.  Arbab has been involved in large to small scale projects such as educational to the design and branding of a cafe project for prestigious clients. 

Suzanne’s designs are distinctively contemporary, characterized by the powerful, geometric forms of our environment with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life. 

Suzanne’s interest in design and specifically in interior and custom furniture design started during her early days of the Design course at the School of Architecture. Before start working in Dubai, she was working in a design consulting company in Melbourne, Australia as a design Architect.  She has been involved in many prestigious interior and exterior designs of residential and commercial projects in Melbourne.

She is aiming to provide to her customers (individual and businesses)  unique, innovative, and contemporary design solutions. She is currently providing high-end design solutions for residential and commercial establishments.

She is based in Dubai where she is continuing to custom design each project on responding specifically to its everyday context.


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